New Metro City Gujar Khan

BSM Developers has given the most lavish and introduce day dwelling projects that destitute individual just gotten the thought of everyone yet furthermore gives a tranquil and happy environment to people. To be sure, we are talking about two huge endeavors of BSM Developers. One is "Gwadar Golf City" in Gwadar' and another is 'New Metro City" in Kharian Sarai Alamgir.

As we in general know New metro city is giving a lot of facilities including mosques, schools, parks, running tracks, top-class security, and malls. Other than these accommodations, NMC in like manner has aprime and ideal location, its connecting with development, and reasonable prices also overhaul and allure its worth. After the result of these two errands, BSM Developers is really happy to report that after two extraordinary endeavors, by and by we will ship off another endeavor in Gujjar khan.

Once more BSM Developers going to present New Metro City Gujar Khan in a more powerful and refined structure at a reasonable expense. We will put forth a legit attempt to give all facilities in New Metro City Gujjar Khan too which will redesign your own fulfillment and more comfort to your friends and family.

The undertaking is in Tehsil Gujar Khan District Rawalpindi at head Grand Trunk (G.T) road. New Metro City Gujar Khan is located 3 Km quite far from Gujar Khan while moving to Lahore.

About BSM Developers PVT LTD
A sensational peculiarity BSM Developers is rapidly cutting their course in the Real Estate Industry delivering powerful endeavors in a consistent movement. A Legacy that started with Bilal Steel Mills and Gwadar Golf City, perhaps of their latest accomplishment integrate a Smart Housing Project all over town of our inheritance and culture. Located on Main GT Road Kharian-Sarai Alamgir' New Metro City' is one of the most excessive and current housing project that has gotten the thought of ever real estate maker crosscountry as well as around the world.

Our principal objective includes helping buyers and investors in seeking after the best Real estate decisions by provide guidance and significant stretches of capable experience. Pushing toward each a possible entryway in a positive manner, we try to be the best wellspring of mastery, information, and resources for our clients and ourselves.

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